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About Us

Ray Reid

Ray Reid has been training dogs professionally and teaching obedience classes for over 35 years. His expertise covers many facets of the dog world including, but not limited to, AKC, Schutzhund, Police K-9's, Narcotic dog's, Personal Protection Dogs and Family Pets. He has worked with over 10,000 dogs and taught more than 400 training classes.

As well as training, Ray is a licensed International Working Dog Judge, judging local, regional and national trials throughout North America and has presented many lectures and seminars.

He has personally trained Twelve dogs to Schutzhund titles and one, fondly remembered, German Shepherd to a Schutzhund III title 18 times!

Police work is another aspect in which Ray has specialized. His courses have been certified by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. (DPSST) He has worked with many K-9 units to achieve certification and begin working the streets. The development of a quality German Shepherd breeding program is another one of Ray's achievements. Puppies and adult dogs are sold throughout North America, with over one hundred of his puppies earning their Schutzhund titles to date.

Complimenting Ray's skills and merit, are his 4000 sq. foot training facility and his American Boarding Kennel Association accredited Boarding facility, offering not only training services but quality boarding, grooming, tattooing and pet supplies for over 30 years.

Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid started working for Pet Village in 1991 at the age of 14, although she was helping with puppies, training, and caring for dogs from the time that she learned how to walk.

She teaches on average 8 evening classes per week year round, which include puppy kindergarten, novice and advanced obedience and agility. She also works with people during the week on private instruction, whether it be behavioral problems, temperament evaluations, or just to work on having a well mannered pet. A very popular program which keeps her busy also is her boarding and training program where people who may not have the time, leave their dogs for her to train during the day. In her daily work of training she states that the hard part is not training the dogs, but training their owners.

Jennifer is currently the General Manager of Pet Village Ltd. She is responsible for all aspects of the business including but not limited to the day to day operation of the Boarding, Training, Grooming, and Pet Supplies. She is also the Head Trainer for Pet Village Ltd. and has been training dogs for 20 years. She has been competing with her own dogs for the past 15 years in the working dog sport of Schutzhund. She has helped handlers train many dogs as well as train and handle her own in local and national competition.

In May of 2007 Jennifer received her International Judge's license to judge working dog competitions and is the youngest in the United States to achieve this honor.

She has been involved in German Shepherd Rescue for many years and has rescued many dogs and has done either obedience training or behavioral training prior to putting the dogs in a new home.

She has worked closely with her father Ray over the years and has learned how to evaluate litters of puppies, and been involved in the genetic aspect of breeding these dogs, as well as whelping and raising the litters properly.

Jennifer's love of animals can be seen in her teaching the owners as well as her training of the dogs.